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Alyson Mititieri

Licensed Aesthetician San Francisco

Licensed Aesthetician

Email: Alyson@PacificPlasticSurgeryGroup.com

With a career spanning over a decade in the beauty industry, Alyson brings a multitude of skills and unmatched knowledge to her role as a Licensed Aesthetician. Having worked for a variety of skincare brands, Alyson has earned experience in product formulation, research & development, distribution, sales, and management, all of which are hallmarked by her outstanding customer service and her naturally therapeutic touch. She graduated top of her class from the prestigious Euro Institute of Skin Care in Seattle, Washington. Most recently becoming Oncology Trained and MLD Certified, Alyson continuously seeks advanced training to ensure that only the best and most effective treatments are being performed. Here at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, Alyson focuses on providing advanced skin therapies to optimize the skin’s natural functions with a balanced approach of holistic and medical treatments. Alyson centers her practice around products and treatments which restore and maintain the skin’s barrier system, thus giving your skin the conditions it needs to be naturally healthy, resilient and youthful. Alyson specializes in Naturopathic & European Facials, Corrective Acne, Skin Maximizing (anti-aging), Lymphatic Drainage, Waxing and Sugaring.