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San Francisco Complex Reconstructive Surgeon

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons for Flawless Features

Your personal image and health are two of the primary factors of a satisfactory lifestyle. A board-certified complex reconstruction surgeon has the experience and education necessary to help you obtain both of these qualities for an enjoyable life. If you have suffered from a physical impairment, disease, illness or injury, you may wish to develop an understanding of your options by speaking with a San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon from our center. At the Center for Complex Reconstruction, a division of Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we have the medical training necessary to improve your health associated with a disease or injury. A reconstruction surgery can also help you gain the confidence you need if a surgical procedure has left you physically scarred and damaged.

Reconstructive surgery is not just a medical procedure but also is an experience that can substantially improve your life. The surgeon who performs your operation at the Center for Complex Reconstruction has nearly a decade of experience providing assistance to those with defects caused by a variety of negative circumstances. If breast cancer has caused you to lose a portion or your entire breast, our center offers breast reconstruction to rebuild your body. We also offer
skin cancer treatment and reconstruction for those who have obtained undesirable defects from the cancer. Dr. Edward Miranda from our facility is an
abdominal wall reconstruction specialist. For people who need this surgery, our surgeon not only has the experience and recognition but also sincerely cares about your safety and comfort as the patient.

Preparing for Surgery

Renowned Reconstructive Surgeon

If you are looking for a surgical center to place your trust in, you have found it in our practice; we understand that this is not an easy process. Searching for a reputable complex reconstructive surgeon will require asking questions and doing an adequate amount of research. At the Center for Complex Reconstruction, we offer you all of the qualities in a reconstructive surgeon that are necessary to achieve the results you need. Our surgeon, Dr. Edward Miranda, was voted one of America’s Top Surgeons in 2011 and 2012. He has the medical experience and reliability to help you achieve the results you deserve through
microsurgery or other methods. At the Center for Complex Reconstruction, we believe in providing the highest quality reconstructive surgery available.

Not only was our surgeon Ivy League educated at Cornell University Medical College in New York but he is also
fully accredited to perform plastic surgery through training at the University of California, San Francisco. His success in
migraine surgery has contributed to the increased quality of life of many patients. He also assists individuals with
hernia repair. We believe that in order to obtain permanent physical and health enhancement, it is important to fulfill your individual desires, which may include a range of procedures, including
scar revision. Whether you are pursuing this surgical procedure on the basis of fulfilling a physical desire for your appearance or you need to have surgery for health reasons, our center offers a variety of procedures that are designed to meet your personal reconstructive surgical needs.

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After certain surgeries, an individual’s physical features can be negatively altered and require reconstructive surgery to improve or correct the patient’s appearance. We offer procedures in hand reconstruction and
nasal reconstruction for damages that the patient has sustained to his or her features. Dr. Edward Miranda has been featured in numerous media publications for his work not only as a plastic surgeon but also as a complex reconstructionist for a variety of procedures. We hold to the belief that exceptional surgical care comes from listening and approaching each case in a personal manner. Take advantage of a consultation today to find out how your needs and desires can be made into a reality. This session will allow us a chance to understand how we can best serve you and for you to review before and after photos of similar procedures.
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