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Migraine Headaches San Francisco

Many individuals suffer from serious migraine headaches that are cause for alarm. For patients whose symptoms do not respond to the medications or other procedures that have been ineffectively attempted, a reconstructive surgery may be the answer. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we offer non-surgical treatments to migraine headaches that have caused severe pain to the patient. If you are in search of a solution to your migraine, we suggest that you contact a San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon from our center.

Long-Term Relief from Migraine Headaches

Surgical treatment can provide a solution for patients who are chronically affected by migraines. The technique that our center can use will depend on the type of migraine. We can choose to administer a minimally invasive surgery to remove the part of the nerve that has become irritated. For those with other problems, there is another approach that targets the muscles in the face and neck. If you are interested in learning more about our San Francisco migraine surgery, we offer a consultation at your earliest convenience. There are a variety of treatment options available and we can discuss the benefits and risks involved in each option.

There are different steps to the procedure that you should become aware of if you are going to have a reconstructive procedure performed for relief from your migraine symptoms. We can provide you with a list of medications and supplements that you should begin to take about three weeks before your surgery. We also provide before and after pictures to our patients to provide a realistic result of the type of improvement that can be performed. Contact the Center for Complex Reconstruction to speak with one of our staff members to discuss your situation! Migraine surgery is beneficial for anyone in need of assistance with their condition.