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Skin Cancer Treatment & Reconstruction San Francisco

Understanding How Reconstruction Can Help

When an individual is diagnosed with skin cancer, it is not an easy challenge to accept. Not only can treating skin cancer be an emotionally complicated situation but it can also result in severe disfigurement and scarring. As your San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon, I can provide you with an understanding of the situation and listen to your concerns. I can be your guide through the treatment process and explain the effect that it can have on your appearance and health. The treatment of skin cancer can require surgery to take place, so contact our center at your earliest convenience!

Reconstructive Treatments for Cancer Patients

One of the most common types of cancer is skin cancer. If you are at risk or have been diagnosed with skin cancer, it is important to become educated on the types, the causes and any preventative methods that can lower an individual’s risk. The main cause of skin cancer is ultraviolet radiation. The sun and other artificial sources including tanning booths, can cause cancer. No matter what your age or race, you can still be at risk if:

  • Your skin is fair
  • You freckle easily
  • You have light-colored hair
  • You have light-colored eyes
  • You have many moles
  • Your family has a history of skin cancer
  • You spend substantial time outdoors
  • You live close to the equator
  • You receive treatment for acne

There are many types of skin cancer which largely depends on the cause of cancer. There are also different techniques used to treat cancer that can save an individual’s life. At the Center for Complex Reconstruction, our Dr. Edward Miranda can help you obtain a pleasing result. The consequences of the situation can range from a small scar to a permanent alteration. Contact our office today to learn more about this procedure.