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Scar Revision San Francisco

If you have suffered from a wound that has healed and turned into a scar, you may wish to have these marks removed. These are unavoidable issues that result from surgery or personal injuries that can be unsightly due to poor healing. Scars can even appear from wounds which have healed properly but are still obvious. These can be the result of many situations but are often physically unappealing to the individual. There are all types of scars and they can appear in many different colors and textures. It is important to note that they can be treated by a San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon from our center!

There are a variety of treatment options available that depend on the type of scar and the degree to which it is raised or recessed. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group’s Center for Complex Reconstruction, we offer a surgical revision process with advanced techniques for wound closures. The purpose of this surgery is to provide a cosmetic result that is pleasing to the patient. It should significantly improve the appearance of the scar. Our San Francisco scar revision surgeon can help you obtain a satisfying cosmetic result to a scar that did not properly heal.

Candidates for Scar Revision Surgery

If you do not know whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, the first step is to obtain a consultation with our center. The process of scar revision is a procedure that must be done for you and you alone. It is an individualized choice that should be made to improve one’s self-image. It can be performed on individuals of all ages who are bothered by a scar, are physically healthy, do not smoke, have a positive outlook on the scar revision surgery and do not have acne or other skin diseases in the treatment area. Contact us at your earliest convenience!