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Preparing for Reconstructive Surgery San Francisco

What to Do and Not to Do Before Surgery

When it comes to reconstructive plastic surgery, you are likely feeling afraid for days or weeks before the surgery will take place. Your physical body and mental perspective must become prepared to face the changes that are about to be undergone. You will want to make sure that you are prepared for what will soon take place in the form of reconstructive surgery. Preparation for this procedure can begin as early three weeks before the actual surgery takes place. A San Francisco reconstructive surgeon from our facility can help prepare you for your surgery.

Preparation Before the Surgery

If you smoke or drink, you will want to stop at least three weeks before the surgery because it can have a negative effect on the restorative process. They can slow down the rate at which your body can heal and can decrease your immune system. Alcohol consumption should be cut out of your routine both before and after surgery. It can also make you susceptible to excessive bleeding. You will also need to check all over-the-counter and prescription medications with your counselor and remove salicylates from your diet.

In the week or two before the procedure, you will want to take multivitamin supplements that are approved by your counselor, especially vitamins A and C. In order to prevent bruising, it is recommended that you begin taking Bromelain and treating the surgical region with arnica ointment. You will want to ensure that your diet is full of nutrition but void of sodium. You will also want to get all of your prescriptions filled before the procedure and arrange transportation to and from the site. Have a place prepared that you can rest and recover at through the recovery process.

What to Do if Complications Arise

In the case of emergency, you will also want to have an individual who you can call for assistance. If an issue arises after the surgery that leads to concern, it is important to contact a qualified and intelligent San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon from our facility at once. We have the tools and resources to walk you through the recovery process, even if it is a complicated path. If you need to undergo plastic surgery for any part of your body for the purpose of reconstruction, it is important to obtain assistance at once. The Center for Complex Reconstruction can help you understand the specific steps to take for your own circumstances. It is important to follow the proper steps to recovery to ensure that the surgery is successfully accomplished. Contact our office today for the answers you need!