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Peripheral Nerve Surgery San Francisco

It is rarely an individual’s desire to have an abnormality that causes them to look different than other individuals. Not only can nasal damage be aesthetically unpleasing, but it can also cause substantial breathing difficulty for the individual. The nose is made up of an inner lining, a support layer and an outer covering. When nose surgery takes place, many individuals desire their nose to be repaired. When it comes to recreating the human nose it is a difficult challenge for the surgeons and patients. At Dr. Edward Miranda, we offer experienced performance a variety of nasal reconstruction surgeries. Our San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon can help you determine the best option available.

Your nose is the most prominent part of your face. If you have been in a situation that has caused damage to your nose, you may consider alterations to help you be able to breathe better and have greater confidence in your appearance. If a facial injury has distorted the nose or if your nose causes you to have trouble breathing, we can help you understand nasal reconstruction. A slight nasal reconstruction can do wonders to an individual’s face and appearance. It can improve your self-confidence and health. If you are interested in finding out more, you can have confidence in our facility.

Are you a good candidate for nasal reconstruction?

There are certain prerequisites for those who are considering nasal reconstruction. You should first of all ensure that you are in good health and have realistic expectations. You should gain a solid understanding of the procedure and have a purpose for the nose reconstruction surgery. It can be used to repair nose injuries and clear up nose airway problems. A surgeon from our center can answer your questions and work with you to determine an appropriate treatment that works best for you. Contact the Center for Complex Reconstruction today!