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Reconstructive Surgery Consultation San Francisco

At the Center for Complex Reconstruction, a portion of Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we genuinely care about our patients who are facing serious physical issues that are the result of medical conditions. Reconstructive surgery can be performed for those who are undergoing mastectomy, the surgical removal of one or both breasts. We have committed our facility to helping individuals obtain the appearance and self-confidence that they need. There are many issues that can result in physical breast impairments, including cancer treatments. The topic of breast reconstruction can be discussed with an experienced San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon from our center.

Information About Breast Reconstruction

If you have any questions about our practice, we can provide you with the answers you need. Breast reconstruction may involve several different stages but they can take place at the same time as mastectomy. It can also be undergone after the healing process from your surgery and your cancer treatments have been completed. At Pacific Plastic Surgery Group, we have the experience necessary to give you solid confidence in our team. After the physically and emotionally painful experience of losing all or part of your breast through surgery, it is important to know that your reconstructive procedure is in the hands of a board-certified San Francisco breast reconstructive surgeon.

What the Procedure Involves

The surgical techniques used will depend on various circumstances. We can advise you the available options based on the amount of skin tissue that is available. Dr. Edward Miranda from our center may suggest a tissue expansion before the implant can be properly placed. The expansion of tissue can improve your recovery experience but will likely increase the length of the actual reconstructive procedure. For further information on this surgical technique and to find out whether it may be an option, contact us today!