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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction San Francisco

San Francisco Complex Reconstructive Surgery

Abdominal wall reconstruction is a complex reconstructive surgery that is used to aid in the correction of abdominal weakness. If you suffer from recurring hernias, this is a form of corrective surgery. It also occurs due to surgical complications or traumatic injuries. This type of surgery is usually the second plan if the repair breaks down during the general surgery. This alternative solution can be considered in situation where typical methods do not work. There are a few common reasons that a traditional surgery would not work. The scar tissue can cause a problem and in other cases, a pancreatic leak may require a more complex approach.

About the Procedure

A San Francisco complex reconstructive surgeon can be used to perform the surgery of abdominal wall reconstruction. What this surgery does is move the abdominal tissues to redistribute the muscles in this region. This repairs that area to reinforce the midline closure. It neutralizes the causes for a hernia breakdown to make the solution accessible. The surgery repairs the abdominal wall to improve the aesthetic appearance of this region and to lessen the pain that they feel due to the abdominal bulge. During the reconstruction, Dr. Edward Miranda from our office repairs the abdominal muscles through incision.

Recovery from Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

This reconstruction surgery is necessary to treat a variety of symptoms, including severe hernias and can therefore significantly improve your life. This is a complex surgery that may require a recovery period. It will be critical to follow the San Francisco abdominal wall reconstruction surgeon’s suggestions for postoperative care. The overnight stay for this type of surgery depends on the situation. We can help you achieve lasting results for the restructuring of the abdominal wall tissue. For more information or to receive a consultation, contact our office today!